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Bear Traps and Trailers

These custom traps and trailers were designed for Alberta Fish & Wildlife. The design of these engineered traps make them safer for the user, the bear and the public. Safety features include an engineered steel door equipped with tension springs. All doors are lockable and a safety mechanism is installed to prevent the unauthorized opening of the trap door. The collapsible door tower makes transportation simpler and they are made of aluminum, so are lightweight and easier to maneuver. While designed to securely mount to our trailers, they will also fit inside the wheel wells of a truck box. The steel trailers were designed for the traps, but are multipurpose with the optional loading ramps. They allow loading of snowmobiles and quads from the rear of the trailer or from the sides. The trailers include live rolls as well as a winch mounted at the tongue of the trailer. The specialized tie down bar system securely holds the trap in place.

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